Financial Education

Financial Education

Financial Education

Supporting More Financial Education

Citizens State Bank recognizes the importance of providing children with the fundamental understanding of their future finances. We offer students from our local schools the opportunity to participate in a program we sponsor. The program ensures children are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to manage money effectively. Too often, young people are sent out into the "real world" without any or little understanding of how to handle their financial responsibilities. We take pride in teaching the next generation these necessary life skills. CSB's financial literacy program helps put our own locally generated resources back into our local communities for our friends and neighbors to grow.

a teacher in a classroom full of kids.

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What is it all about?

CSB also offers FDIC's Money Smart program to its local elementary schools within our community. Members of our financial literacy team visit participating schools presenting financial learning programs to every grade.

The lessons offered to our younger elementary school students focus on understanding currency, earning money, the difference between needs and wants, setting financial goals, and borrowing; while older elementary students will learn more about buying decisions, budgeting, savings, investing, charitable giving, and career choices and income. We also present to certain clubs including local girl scout troups and 4-H groups.

Our goal is to financially educate using real-world, relatable examples. From fall produce sales to raising show animals, cases like these are used so that the children can relate and connect with what they're learning. Our team loves to see our demonstrations take spark in a child's mind. This makes our investment in our Financial Literacy Program, whether it be through time or financial sponsorship, worth it. To further explore FDIC's Money Smart Program visit FDIC: Money Smart - A Financial Education Program.

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